Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen


fivestars.jpg A teen named Cole Mathews smashes a kid’s head causing permanent damage. Instead of jail he’s deserted in Alaska. Yet being mauled and almost killed changes this behavior. This was really the first book that encouraged me to pick up books. I could not stop once I began. It has action on top of action. It changed my behavior too and taught me to be so grateful for what I have.

-Owen B

48 Responses to “Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen”

  1. Amy Says:

    I love this book

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i love this book too.omg. it is like the best book ive ever has so much mystery and it makes you not want to put the book down.

  3. Ashanti Says:

    I am reading this book for Honors English. I think this book is amazing because of the suspense, adventure and mystery!

  4. tommy Says:

    i think this book is so cool they should make it into a movie

  5. C. Ray Says:

    I work at a residential maximum security facility for youth who have committed serious crimes and have been certified as adults. This book helped change the life of a young man I work with directly. He has read it over and over, and shares his copy with others who are having problems. It is now a book I purchase numerous copies to share with others.

  6. randy Says:

    well i have red all of this book and all of you must be girls(least you talk like one) well anyway thsi book i so good and i really like a lot fo other people to read it i dont udally read but for school i found this book and i Loved it i read 175pgs in 1 day i liked it so much and i dont usaly read well anyway see ya guys(girls) by the way boys rockkk peace out hommies

  7. Jeremy Says:

    I read this book for english class like a couple of weeks ago, I loved this book I couldnt put it down,even when i was at halloween horror nights at universal i couldnt put this book down lol.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    it gives me wonderful chills

  9. osala Says:

    this book is awsome, but it;s hurd to answer the questions

  10. osala Says:

    this book is cooooool

  11. danii Says:

    the first time i read this book was in the 5th grade and i cried towards the end when peter and cole saw the spirit bear. thisis my thir od fourth time reading this book and i don’t get tired of it. it is my favorite book and now i understand it more than i did in the 5th grade; with everytime i read it i learned or found out something i hadn’t understoood before. this is an excellent book; the only part i hate is the end when i close it and realize there’s no more to read!!:) thank you Mikaelsen!!!

  12. Aly Says:

    i like the book, “Touching Spirit Bear”. i am woundering, is there going to be a movie about it?

  13. morgan Says:

    i loved the book os that a movie

  14. Anonymous Says:

    plz let me know if there is a movie for my english class

  15. bubba Says:

    just finished this book and it’s great. and like many it also made me want to start reading any book that looked good. and every one should read saving josh migwier. (don’t know how to spell it=0) it’s about a boy who find a bear and runs away with it. by its cover no one would realy pick it up but it’s great. Congrates on reading the book by the way!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Omg im in eighth grade and my whole english class read this book!!! Im not a big time reader at all but i loved this book SOOOOOO much that i bought it for myslef. i would love to see a real spirit bear!!!!!! can you tell me if they are going to make a movie??? i would sooo love to watch it and so would the english class im in!!! I herd that there was a second book of touching spirit bear and i think im going to get that one also. Well i look forward to seeing the movie if on comes out any time soon:)))

  17. Dutton Says:

    I want to no if there is a moviw for this book…reading takes for ever but i like the book so much that i want to see the movie so it can illistrate it better

  18. ellen Says:

    they have a movie

  19. Anonymous Says:

    ilove these book too

  20. keishla Says:

    im still reading this book in class but so far this book is really good ! in part 1 of this book cole goes through alot wit his dad and mom ! cole cares about nobody but his self ! one day cole is sent to an island to live for a year by himself with out any adults or family ! cole tries to escape the island but he cant ! he burns down the cabin and tries to kill the spirit bear ! cole ends up losing , and lays down on the ground in pain and he starts to feel lonley ! cole is very hungry and starts eating watever he finds ! cole ends up touching the spirit bear and then and there cole realised what beauty was ! im still reading it with my class and teacher !

  21. bubba Says:

    i think you are cool

  22. mad max Says:

    I had to read this book for my reading class and i couldn’t put the book down. Usually i don’t read at home but because of the suspense that happens in the book i couldn’t put it down. There is just one thing i think should happen now, i think you should make a movie if you already haven’t.

  23. XxbookxX Says:

    i love this book and the dude h sad girls like it i do to

    ps.if ther is a move tell me!!!

  24. noname Says:

    man i loved both books 1.touching spirit bear. 2.ghost of speirit bear.its not as big as the 1S but its still a good read but the 1S is still an amazing story o and is thear a move

  25. LOGAN Says:


  26. Brennan Says:

    this book is one of the gratest books i have ever read.
    It also changed my life.

  27. bad brad Says:

    yea the book abot spirit bear is s ocool

  28. Hunter Says:

    This book is the BEST i cant believe at tha end of THE GHOST OF SPIRIT BEARthat Coles dad wants to go through Circle Justice there is a movie just like Spirit Bear its called True Heart its not exactlly like Spirit Bear it has a Tlingit Idian in it a Spirit Bear and two kids that are mean to each other PLEASE GO RENT TRUE HEART ITS PROBALY THE GREATEST MOVIE IN MY OPONION

  29. Carlos Jimenez Says:

    The best book I have ever read in my life. This book is a legend!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Anonymous Says:

    we are reading the book in class i think that it very interesting but i want to see the movie and see how it really goes down

  31. Blaze Says:

    I’m doing a research on this book. I’m a senior and i usually don’t like research papers, but this book is changing my mind. I love it. I’m at the part where Cole gets out of the hospital. Touch Spirit Bear is a life changing story.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    i am reading for english right now and its amazing!

  33. Miss Montana Says:

    i look every were for the movie but can’t find it

  34. Anonymous Says:

    im reading this book in english class and im in 8th grade and i think its awsome and adventer.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    I am also reading this book and I am in high school in 11 grade they book I thought it was boring at the beginning but when i got farther it started to get a lot better, and very action, and movie like and I cant stop reading this book! there needs to be a movie. I give the book so far 5 stars *****

  36. Anonymous Says:

    I am reading this book I am in 7 grade and I LOVE the book im at the part where garvey saves Cole after the mauling happened.

  37. ben.c Says:

    chapter 28 is the best so keep on reading

  38. Anonymous Says:

    i like this story

  39. Anonymous Says:

    The book is the best!

  40. blkjnlk. Says:

    i love this book also so interesting and fun finidhed it this morning we were reading it at school

  41. Anonymous Says:

    where can i find the movie? please help

  42. rachilde Says:

    not bad

  43. awesome book Says:

    i just ended it was one of the best books in the world

  44. Alwyn thomas Says:

    thank you

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