Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber


fivestars.jpg Raven is a goth girl who’s very obsessed with vampires. She lives in Dullsville and a new guy is in town who Raven wants to get a “bite” of. I thought this book was great because it’s mixed with adventure, romance, and anything you’d want to read.

-Miliana U

150 Responses to “Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber”

  1. lizzy Says:

    I adored the books. They were romanic mixed with the passion of the supernatural world. I hope the movie will be just as good!

  2. Abby Says:

    I absolutly LOVED your books……they r sooooo amazing!!!!!!Every time i finish Vampire Kisses, your words haunt me(in a good way).It was romantic and funny…..i only wish there were more….Vampire Kisses is the best series i have ever read!!!!!!!

  3. Raven Says:

    she lives in dullsvill not bullsville

  4. lacie Says:

    will she have more books?

  5. parkridgeya Says:

    According to her web site, Book 5, “The Coffin Club” is coming out in July!

  6. renea Says:

    o my gosh i luv the books i was just hating the end of #5 is dance with a vampire the last one? because if it is it left me crying all night you should have another one like, raven sneeks off to look for alexander 9like she alwayz does but… cant find him they look for luna &jagger and a bunch of stuff goes on…who knows just something to have a real ending not “Alexander was gone!!!” i mean come on its so0o0o depressing!

  7. justice Says:

    on barnes and noble it says the 5th book comes out in june 24, 2008 and that she is working on book six so who knows what will happen and if raven will become a vanpire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. lulu Says:

    i love this book i could date it. i love alexander. i have been dreaming of this book and it is making me want a vampire as a boyfriend i totally want the next one. it is to be continued so i can not wait till i get to read it again. this book rocks raven is so cool but i wish it was me and alexander i want to date him so cute. even claud.

  9. JoJo Says:

    I love these books. They are just so awesome. I can’t wait till the 5th comes out later this month. Yeah!!!!! Vampires rule!!

  10. kirstein Says:

    first it DULLSVILE!!! second the book # 5 is coming on june 24!

  11. Val- Vampire Lvr Says:

    I LLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEE these books they are my fav book series!
    I wish they would never end!

  12. Raven Wannabe! Says:

    omg omg! I’m only 11 (twelve in month) and i’ve read all ur books! I read the first, and had to get the 2nd and 3rd, so i got them, and my cuz got me the 4th for christmas, so i reread them all in oen day, cuz im a fast reader. not bragging or anything, it’s true. But IS THERE A 5TH BOOK? AND IF SO WHEN DOES IT COME OUT? AND WHEN DOES BLOOD RELATIVES VOLUME 2 COME OUT? I’ve just been daydreaming all day about Raven and Alexander and Claude, and I’m making up stories in my head OMG PLEASE somehow REPLY TO ME! I❤ U AND UR BOOKS!

    • raven wannabii Says:

      omg i am in the proses of #3 and just started reading the books last week and i just ternd twelve

    • Shobiya Says:

      I love the Vampire Kisses series too!
      The fifth book already came out.
      There’s going to be a ninth book and it’s called Immortal Hearts.
      And Ellen Screiber has another book, and its about werewolves, its called Once in a Full Moon.
      I think u’ll like it.

  13. emojessica Says:

    volume 2 of blood relatives comes out in september (I THINK) is there going to be a movie?thier sould be i,d watch it first day and then buy it then go around like a maniac telling everyone about it!lol


    i love the VK series, i am ready the 5th book right now and i love it!!!!!!

  15. Nina Says:

    ok…the series is amazing and Ellen Screiber has signed to write books 7, 8, and 9. just look at her website.

  16. katie Says:



  17. Jenny Says:

    I love your books. I can’t say they are my absolute favorite but there are up there which is a pretty big thing. I may be onlly 14 but I read like a new book a day. All I do is read so for a book to be in my favorite’s it must be pretty great. I love Alexander and for some reason am also in love with Jagger. I hope this becomes a movie that would be a must see. I dream about these books. I wish I had a vampire boyfriend. anyway long story short I love your books. Oh and all my friends loved them to when I rccomended it to them.

    My Favorite’s are Twilight, Harry Potter, Pendragon, and Morganville Vampires, and of coures yours.

  18. stephenie Says:

    i love your books. when i read it i can visulive what is happening. i read all of them in order. i hope everyone could read these books there amazing. i love them???

  19. vamp. shawnna Says:

    OMG i love the VK series… they rock!
    yeah uh a movie would be great=)) lol

  20. Amber Says:

    Okay well I’m sorry to correct the person who wrote this grammer but um its not Bullsville, but its Dullsville. And Raven is not “upset” with vampires. She’s “obsessed” so to speak. Sorry. But it was bugging me that no one corrected it.

  21. Axel Says:

    the second blood relatives should be out but as far as i know its not. check your local bookstores for it sometimes they’re late in production and delivery but still check to be on the safe side.

  22. Chaze horrorlize Says:

    I LOVE THESE BOOKS AND THEY ARE GOING TO MAKE IT IN TO A MOVIE AND I CANT WAIT OMG! i am excited its soo crazy i got VAMPIRE tattoo and i think i am going to get a raven look alike

  23. Chaze horrorlize Says:


  24. sarah steven Says:

    hey girls and gals i just wanted to let u no that the movie really is coming out!!!!
    and Twilight is not messed up(Edward is so hot!!!)

  25. sarah steven Says:

    Does anybody no when book 6 is coming out?
    and when the movie is coming out?
    please im dying to no!!!!!!
    nj just spill pls!!!!!
    seriously spill!!!!
    i NEED to no!!!
    spill it!
    kisses love sarah steven the books #4 fan

  26. sarah steven Says:

    hey guys if u like these books u MIGHT like the twilight books
    its also about a vampire but the only thing is is that its more realistic than vampire kisses its not about garlic and cofins and thats why i think the books are about tied(i dont like one more)
    thats my only dislike!
    by sorry i dont mean to effend anybody im just writing my mind(hehehehehe i made a joke)
    by sarah bella steven

  27. Miliana U Says:

    i dont really like the twilight books… at all…

    • nikki Says:

      GURL!!!! who does not like twilight.even though vampire kisses is good too. but they both leave u cominig back for more

  28. Nicole Says:

    Is the 5th book like the second or is it diffrent because my birthday is on the 27th and i’m trying to figure out if it’s the same or not to tell my mom to get it for me

  29. darlaperez Says:

    what up guys i love vampire kisses i have the second book i really want to now wen its going to come up pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. darlaperez Says:

    theres rumors that it allready came out but i don’t now so it would be rally aweazome if you guys were able to tell me were i kind find the movie or wen its release

  31. darlaperez Says:

    oh i would also like to now when the 6 book will apper

  32. darlaperez Says:

    hey my school just shifted the 6 boook

  33. twitch Says:

    its an awsome book personaly i think its better than twilight

  34. devilchick16 Says:

    i luv dis series it iz soo killerz!!!

  35. devilchick16 Says:

    omigoth alexader sound romantic i wish i culd find a guy like him!!! but yea i sooooo want a guy like him im more like raven every day!!

  36. devilchick16 Says:

    yea i cant w8t til the rest ov da series comes out!!!

  37. vampireluv101 Says:

    the books were awsome and i cant wait to see the movie. i am sure it will be just as awsome.

  38. vampires4ever Says:

    I love this book. I honestly say this is the best book ever written. I REALLY hope there’s goin to be a movie!!!

  39. vampires4ever Says:

    who knew there really is a movie!

    • grimgirl Says:

      wait u said they made the movie😮 WHERE CAN I FIND IT!!!!😀 i luv vampire kisses and i want to know were to find it… can u please tell me? it would mean a lot to me… oh and if u say youtube they really don`t hav it,there just fake trailers that r really good:\ … please just let me know… o^o -grimgirl

  40. VKVampire Says:

    The sixth book will be out in the summer of ’09. I believe in July. Is there really a movie? I keep going to the home page to check and all i keep seeing is that they are looking at a script.

  41. ShYsHy. . . Says:

    I cant find anything on the movie!

  42. Blackangel Says:

    The book is so good!!! i will keep reading them forever and ever!

  43. Treasure Says:

    hey whats up i have all the vampire kisses serious and i really want there to be a movie wouldnt that be so sweet because raven is really amazing and alexander sounds really hot thats my opinion so yea

  44. jasi Says:

    OMG It’ll be a must see movie definitely bigger than twilight

  45. Cristina Alvarado Says:

    I LOVE VK series…..
    i want to see how alexander sterling looks like

    Hopefully u will do another book too:)

  46. Mallory Says:

    Ellen said she was thinking of having 8 books in the series

  47. mel Says:

    lol i already red vk5!!!, it was great!, i liked the way it turned out! wat did you peoples think about it?

  48. Denise Says:

    i really enjoyed the book i cant wait for the movie ALEXANDER STERLING IS SO SEXY:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. mekayla Says:

    When is the movie i love the books but i cant find when the movie is!😦

  50. Madison Says:

    Thoose were the best books i’ve ever read in my life.i can’t wait to see the movie, I don’t know when the movie is.

  51. brooke Says:

    is there going to be a movie?

  52. brooke Says:

    the 6th book comes out this summer

  53. vivi santillana Says:


  54. Ritikah Says:

    did the movie come out yet =[ tell me it came now

  55. chelssea Says:

    i love your books ive always wanted to be a vampire

  56. kristy Says:

    twilight and vampire kissess r both great! LOL:)

  57. Raven Says:

    I love Vampire kisses series i jsut cant wait for the movie ^^ it is going to be great i bet ive been hyped about the books ever sence i read them i just fell in love with the series ^^ it is my number one favorite book

  58. gracie Says:

    I read the Vampire Kisses series a few months ago and i fell straight in love with the books. They are definitly in my top 3 favorite book series and thats a high praise because i have read a lot of books. These books would make great movies. I can’t wait to read Royal Blood!

  59. kat Says:

    vampire kisses are amazing. it would make an awesome movie. i can’t wait to read the others.

  60. kat Says:

    is there going to be a movie?

  61. nikki Says:


  62. tina chen Says:

    i love ur books(:
    there amazing
    do u noe when is da movie coming out
    i want 2 see it when it comes out😀

  63. ambermariie Says:

    ii reaad all thee books besides the fifth! going to neext weeeek though(: cannt waiit!! ii loove the books:D &nddd iii piicture everything in my head; i hope there is going to a movie! cause it would be a GREAT one(: i love it way more then twilight to beee honest<3

  64. mery Says:

    i relly like your books especilly the vampire kisses whe i fist read vampire kisses i thout it was bettr than the book twilight

  65. mery Says:

    i relly like dance withe a vampire i am going to vampire kisses 5 but not yet i always read them 2 times i think vampire kisses is better tha twilight

  66. Patricia Says:

    i love the Vampire Kisses blood relatives volume 1,2!!!!i can’t wait till volume 3 in september!!!!!thats so far away!

  67. alexander's the dream guy Says:

    i love the series. PLEASE NEVER END THEM! the series really inspire me to be…me. i deffintely want to be Raven and Alexander is my dream guy.

  68. Raven is THE Goth Says:

    Does anyone know when the movie’s coming out?
    I NEED to know!!!!
    I’m dying (literally) to know.
    I can’t wait till the seventh book comes out.

  69. nicole Says:

    hey i just wanted to know if this book was going to be made in to a movie?

  70. diemind Says:

    i loved the books red them all in two weeks! but bi wanted to know if there wud be a book 8? will raven ever become a vampire? i hope she is sitting at home right now typing book 8 and soon to be published. i dream about this book. i mean like one if they had a kid or something amazing happens that no 1 expects

  71. April J. Says:

    I am a huge fan of Vampire Kisses i myself i love Vampires im so obsessed with them and i LOVE THEM so much i a hope they make a movie of them as in Vampire Kisses I AM A VAMPIRE FREAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. sierra harris Says:

    Ellen I’m such a big fan I was wondering if you can come to Connersville High School and talk to your fans. Raven is my favorite charcter because she remind me of me. It would be so cool to see you in person. I want your autograph Is there really going to be a movie? I hope
    sierra harris
    207 25th and stiern Connersville, IN 47331
    p.s write to this adress

  73. alyxandriafranklin Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! i just started reading ur books in 2009. i luv u ur my fav author. right now im on dance with a vampire book four. u rock out loud i luv u ellen. is the sixth one ur last because i hope not im only 11 turning 12 and i luv them so much i dont know how u came out wit them. i keep hearing about a movie or something is there one?? u rock out loud

    ur biggest fan aly;}

  74. Selena Biek Says:

    hey ellen can you come and do book signings in North Carolina would love to meet you big fan hope there is a movie!!!<3 GREAT BOOKS ALEXANDER AND RAVEN BOTH ROCK!!!!

  75. Selena Biek Says:

    also in june, june 11 is when you should come that’s when i move actually come a couple days after that PLZ!

  76. jennifer Says:

    I’m totally amazed, and i hope you keep writting more books like this one. you are the best writter that i ever meet. i hope someone would make the movie, i can’t live without it and everytime, i’m just thinking about it. but is there going to be a movie? and when?
    ps: thank you so much for having publshed those wonderful books.

  77. Jade Says:

    Omg,i rlly LOVE ur books!♥Out of all the books i’ve read,yours r on top!i rlly wish that the vampire kisses series never ends♥♥♥♥♥

  78. Morbid S. Madison Says:

    I love the books and i realize i can relate to Raven so much.I love her style and she is such a strong independent girl.I know how it feels to be a shunned Goth girl myself.The fact that there is a book like this makes me feel well…happy.I hope there will be a movie but what i dont want is people reading the books like they did with Twilight.I read book 1 to book 3 in fourth grade and the last one in 6th.Believe me,i liked Twilight but when people started reading it just because they liked the movie was something else.How would you feel if people were reading your favorite book without reading book 1?It just urks me.I hope idiots don’t do that with this novel.Ugh!Reminds me of “Dear,John” and other sissy books.Bleh!Excuse me while i go and blow chunks over this bull-shiza!Ugh!

  79. Selena Says:

    hey ellen well i am not going to be moving but i was wondering if u would come to my school located in middleville michigan in barry county thornapple kellogg school high school

  80. Tania Carolinaa Says:

    i Absolutely Lovee This Boook!
    Ehts Fantastic.😀

  81. -Dark Roses- Says:

    Your books are so cool!! Everyone in this site that agrees that they love them A LOT!!! I too wonder if there is going to be a movie…if there is..i hope that both of the actors that will play Raven and Alexander will be good. The first time that I saw your first book Vampire Kisses, i grabbed it and started reading it…after that I wanted to read the rest of them and I. I can’t wait until the “LOVE BITES” the seventh book comes out!!!

  82. Zada Hinegardner Says:

    I love Vampire Kisses! I can’t get enough of it! And I am literally just like Raven Madison… it’s a little creepy. And there is this boy, Yama, in my school and me and him used to be best friends in kindergarten but now in the ninth grade (and every other grade before that) we can’t stand the sight of each other… like I said, it’s creepy. I’ve loved vampires forever and my parents are always trying to get me to go over to the so-called “normal” side of life. Haha like I would do that though! I really want there to be a movie. Everyone says that I would make the perfect Raven Madison. Haha I would so audition for her role. …now who would be Alexander, the sexy Romanian vampire who lives in the mansion on Benson Hill in Dullsville AKA my Knight of the Night, My Gothic Guy, My Gothic Mate, and My Gothic Prince? Hmmmmm… Haha. I always imagine what it would be like if I really was Raven. Well I just wanted to let you know Ellen, that you have created a WONDERFUL and SEXY and AMAZING series!!!! Congrats! I want to be an author when I grow up, hopefully I can be as good as you… hopefully I can meet you someday too! That would be so cool! TTFN – Ta Ta For Now!

  83. Lauren Says:

    i loved this book its awsome and i reccomoned it to everyone

  84. beverly Says:

    OMG! when i first saw the book, i was thinking ‘ hmm, i bet its nt as good as Twilight. but i was wrong! this book is so totally AWESOME! i love the romantic parts and i like the way she describe Alexander. wow! i hope i could actually meet you one day! and co write a book with you! * in my dreams* I absolutely love the cover of the book! and ive been readin it for 6 times nw and it still facinates me!

  85. raven wanna be Says:

    hey i love the books when is the movie coming out i need 2 c it

  86. chad Says:


  87. Candi Says:

    I love your books Ellen big fan but i was wondering if your going to write a volume 8 of the vampire kisses series because I want to know if Raven ends up marring Alexander or Does he turn her into a vampire.

  88. sara Says:

    omg i love the books i just started reading the first one like two months ago and i fell in love with the story like i wish i was raven<3=D

  89. Ala Says:

    I started the first book yesterday and it rocks
    Dear Ellen you’re a genius

  90. sexy roza Says:

    i love the books so they better come out with a movie or i’ll be really sad for awhile.

  91. areli salgado Says:

    soooooooo awsome love this book want to c the movie

  92. jenny Says:

    i♥alexander and sebastian they both sound so cute and romantic

  93. kaylin Says:

    oh my gosh! i am so in love with his book
    is there gonna be a book 9

  94. kate Says:

    DUDE whens the movie coming out i need to know and cant wait to read the 8th book i loved all of your books

  95. Scotlyn Says:

    I love how the book makes me fell after I read it

  96. carolina Says:


  97. grimmclobbers@ Says:

    I just love all of these books I can’t wait until graveyard games is coming out.

  98. Taylor Nicole Says:

    OMG!!! i love these books. I was in the library with a friend nd decided to get a book and i am sooo happy i did. I am normaly not a person to read but i read the first 7 book in a week and a half. I got the last one the day it was released and have read the whole series mabey two times since then. I absolutly love these book. But i dont know if their is a ninth one, ive seen the magna ones but im not sure if their from you????? Ive heard about a movie on it and i cant wait to see it!! Your an amazing author and i cant wait to read more of your work😀

  99. Anonymous Says:

    i cant wait for the movie. i just wish i knew when its comeing out. i cant wait for graveryard games. i also think there is going to be a 9th bokk. but with Alexanders❤❤❤ sis. if there is going to be a 9th book, i hope Alexander❤❤❤ turns Raven into a vampire.

  100. kaylee huss Says:

    i love the vampire kisses series but when is the nineth book coming out?

  101. Anonymous Says:


  102. Alyssa Yamasaki Says:

    I love the Vampire Kisses series and was wondering when the movie was coming out, and when the Ninth book is coming out?

  103. Anonymous Says:

    i thought twilight was the best but i hadnt read vampire kisses is the best

  104. kat Says:

    u guess are so possetively weiird ur beig compulsive and really creepy bookworms to say i read all ellens books there good but seriously some of u are weird

  105. Shobiya Says:

    Is there a movie on it???
    If there is, does anyone know when it comes out?
    Cuz i really need to know, cause im like obsessed with the Vampire Kisses Series.
    And btw, do u guys know when the ninth book Immortal Hearts is coming out?

    xoxo. (:

  106. amanda Says:

    Alexander Sterling can beat Edwards Cullen’s sparkly butt any day :]

  107. vampire lover Says:

    I really love the vampire kisses series! When I read the first book i fell in love with Alexander!

  108. yancy Says:

    alexander should be Bill Kaulitz from tokio hotel and does anyone now if the movie is actually coming out.?

  109. Raven Madison Says:

    its almost like she wroght it about me because my name is Ravem Madison and i have a guy at school that is just like trever and also plays soccer.And before i read the books my town was so boring i called it dullsville.And im also a Goth girl whos upsessed with vampires.

  110. Megan Zebell Says:

    Omg I have all but the 6th and the 7th and I hope im going to get them on my birthday the 13 I have them saved at a book store just have to go get them omg I so want to read them I read the first like 2 chapters or royal blood and didnt get to finish it so mad I cant wait to get them I love them so much!!!

  111. erica bridges Says:

    first i am a fan of your books Ellen Schrieber. secondly i would like to congradulate you on successfuly making the best teen books i have ever read and acualy liked. I am looking foward to finishing them all. good luck on continuing your success.:)

  112. redbone Says:

    omg is there going to be a ninth book and when is it coming out and dont stop at 9 plese this is my first time finshing all this books please dont stop please :]]]]]]]]]

  113. Sammie J Says:

    I love your books. Amazing. I read the first, second, and third in two days. When you do make a movie out of them, Make sure you get the scene where Raven leads Trevor into the woods and gets him to take his clothes off. LOL. that moment was SO hilarious. ^_^

    • erica Says:

      (LOL):) that was funny i read that part 3 times but you should read fifth , and sixth ones they would make you want to continue reading, i had completed those two books in the same night thats crazy isn’t it well if you do read them you will be inspired to continue. Injoy.:)

  114. erica Says:

    Ellen Schrieber first I would like to say that I am a big fan of your Vampire Kisses novels, however I was wondering when will the Vampire Kisses movie come out there are a lot of people wanting to see this movie including myself. We have tried looking in various places and was not successful, so if you could ask the media if they wouldn’t mind putting the movie on the internet that would be awsome. thanks for taking time in reading my letter.

    Sincerely yours truly
    (A Vampire Kisses Fan)

  115. roise Says:

    omgggggggggggggggggg im your biggest fan is there a movie cz i love the sries and i already read all 9 books and im only 12 going to 13 this summer [2012]❤ love

  116. star Says:

    i love the Vampire Kisses Series! my teachers tried to tell me to stop reading i said NO! i am getting to the good part! well the whole book was the good part! i freaking loved the books! Well them books are the only books i ever got into! (:

  117. Alyssa Tucker Says:

    Are they going 2 make a miove of it

  118. liela brooke Says:

    i love this books they are so good,i read them a while ago but i just got toldthat there is amovie

  119. angelica Says:

    te bvooks were amazing i couldn’t put them down i’ve been trying to get my mom to read them forever now i’ll keep trying and i am hoping for it to be a movie soon fingers crossed

  120. angelica Says:

    srry typed wrong meant to say i thought the books…

  121. tiniii Says:

    i always wanted to see it. i luuuuv the books.thanks to everyone who made the books and movie possible.

  122. lilli Says:

    Rosie i hate to be rude but the 9th book comes out in may, but I’m a huuuuuge fan of Vampire kisses.

  123. Anonymous Says:

    i love vampire kisses im goth to i realy want to see the move

  124. Anonymous Says:

    could you please tell me when will the movie will be released? please!!!!!!! i really want to watch it…

  125. Macy Says:

    OMG does anyone know when vampire kisses the movie is coming out and if it is when!!!!!!!

  126. Crystal Says:

    I Love the Vampire Kisses I just read the 9th book and omg. I so wont there to be a 10th book, and a movie or TV show for it.

  127. mimi Says:

    yes there should be a tenth book an dif anyone knoes when there will bre a movie put it on youtube so i can watch it!! all i got was movie trailors please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  128. mia Says:

    i LOVE vamp kisses!!!!!!!!!!!! i read the series 3 times. each time not knowing what will haooen next. getting the same experience every time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if anybody finds the movie pleae post that u put it on youtube ot that u found it . pleasde im desprate.

  129. grimgirl Says:

    when will she make the movie we`re dieing…i mean seriously we`ve been waiting for years!!!! >:< come on Ellen… make the movie i bet it will be a great. i mean look you have a lot of fans who loved ur book who knows maybe they`ll like the movie more… it`s a possiblity😀

  130. juliaw. Says:

    the best thang about V.K. is that u get to make up what they look like and who needs a movie visulizzz it in urr mind … J.W.

  131. Larrynnay Says:

    I love vampire kisses all of the books with raven,Alexander,billyboy,
    Luna,jagger,kat,Claude,Rocco,Tripp,Trevor,Becky and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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